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QR Code Marketing in Real Estate – The Right Way

If you’re in real estate and are paying for print advertising in newspapers or magazines or if you invest in direct mail campaigns, you absolutely have to learn about QR code marketing and how to use this technology in real estate the right way. See this short video introduction:

Without a QR code, your single image in the ad or price of the property must be very enticing, otherwise nobody will pick up a phone and call you. With QR code marketing, it’s a low barrier to ask your client to scan and view further details and photos of the property. Continue reading

What we learned about QR Codes in Real Estate since 2010

The use of QR Codes in Real Estate industry could ask for improvement. Major spike in use of QR codes in print ads for Real Estate occurred back in 2010. Without appropriate tools and attention to detail though, the value of such QR codes was not realized. Most were leading to realtor’s home page or listings designed for desktop pages. Major concern has been the use of QR code on a For Sale sign posted on the lawn of the property. It is impossible to scan those from a moving vehicle and unless the person is already quite interested in the property, they would not stop and park the car to scan the QR code. To later find it was all to get to the desktop homepage on their mobile device. Continue reading

Tracking Print Ads Using QR Codes

Tracking Print Ads Using QR Codes

Wouldn’t it be great to get a sneak peak at how well your print ads are doing? Well, with QR Codes, there’s a way. According to the latest study, 1 in 5 smartphone owners in the US scan QR Codes. And if you could monitor at least that 20% of your visitor traffic, that’s a handy statistic!

What Sitomic lets you do is monitor each of your print campaigns individually. In other words, you can see where your QR code gets scanned the most. This functionality is completely free, so why not give it a try? Here’s a quick how-to that should get you started in minutes.

Continue reading

4 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-­Optimized Website

Woman on a smartphone

1. Mobile browsing is on a sharp rise.

Lets face it – a smartphone is, in essence, a miniature computer with a calling function. It offers the convenience of Internet access on-the-go, and consumers seem to adopt the mobile behavior faster than anticipated. According to statistics provided by comScore,there are over 90 million smart phone users in the US, and in September 2011, as many as two-thirds of those were using their phones for shopping. Global mobile statistics published on MobiThinking reveal that mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year, and the numbers keep growing. These statistics show a significant shift in the nature of the consumer market, and businesses need to adapt to it accordingly. Continue reading

1 in 5 of US adult smartphone owners scanned a QR code

20.1 million Americans scanned a QR code over 3 month period ending in October 2011 according to comScore. Based on US Census data from 2010, adult population of United States (those between ages of 18 and 65) was 63% or 194.5 million (out of 308.7 million total).


This means that 1 in 5 of US adult smartphone owners scanned a QR code. Even with recent media attention and mobile growth, it seems there’s still room to grow and it is up to publishers to provide the value and user experience that would increase QR code adoption within the general public. Continue reading

6 Easy Steps to Create QR Code Business Cards with Moo and Sitomic

QR Code Mobile Business Card

Ever wanted a business card that links to all of your social profiles? Now you can get a QR Code business card in 5 minutes with services from MOO Business Cards and Sitomic Mobile Sites.

Social marketing is a great way to promote yourself. Connecting all of your social profiles in one place allows your contacts to easily find and share your information with their network. Here’re 6 easy steps to create your QR Code business card. Continue reading

Measuring Mobile Site Performance with Blaze

Website performance is key to success with mobile users. Statistics show that 40% of users will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Improving mobile site’s page loading time will increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. There’s a whole industry that sprung up to improve web and mobile performance. Blaze, founded in 2010, is one of the key players. Continue reading